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We Teach the Freelance Business Model

60K Freelancing is an international business school, offering online and offline training to freelance entrepreneurs. It teaches you how to use smart, modern and proven business strategies to Make Real Money With Your Freelance Business, and be proud of it!


How Does 60K Freelancing Business School Work?

We are a business school completely and wholeheartedly dedicated helping freelancers build a successful business using modern and interactive learning tools:


All our training programs, free and paid, are available across all your devices (desktop, tablet & mobile app). We host our courses on the world's best online course platform - Teachable. Simply download the free Teachable app, use your 60K Freelancing School login and you're set to go!


We host the electrifying live seminar , The Freelancer Roadmap, at University campuses across London. The 90 minutes power training seminars, for groups of up to 30 individuals, help our students to learn the exact steps of how to start a freelance service business from scratch and get their next client. If you are in London, make sure to catch our next one. For upcoming seminars, check our 'Seminars tab'.


We offer a customised mentorship program for freelancers starting our their business. The programs are customisable, from 4 weeks to 6 months, helping with every aspect of starting and growing a freelance business to $5k/Month.

What our founder says about 60K Freelancing

"My passion is to help freelancers make real money with their businesses and be proud of their work. Because too many freelancers are constantly overworked & underpaid.

The industry as a whole has become renowned for the low pay. But there's a better way to do it. And it's simple. And intentional & strategic Profitable Business Model.

That's why I created 60K Freelancing! Your profits are my priority!

- Georgiana Dacosta, Founder at 60K Freelancing & Freelancer at Dacosta Consultancy

What our students say

$5k/Month Freelance Business Model Student

"Module 1 alone is going to help so many people so much that they'll make back their investment just from that.""

- Chloe Brooks, Copywriter & Content Marketer,

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$5k/Month Freelance Business Model Student

"Me and Georgiana go back since 2014. Back then she was leading a team of content writers from all across the globe and I had the opportunity of being one of them. To this date, I give her credit to a lot of things that I learned while working for her. Georgiana is an excellent team manager and she's also really skilled in working with clients. She's extremely patient and always took time to train me, in spite of her very busy schedule. It was really awesome working with Georgiana.

I was part of the process when 60K Freelancing Business School was created and was one of the first ones to take the signature course. I recommend all the training in here from personal experience. I've seen Georgiana use the same principles in her business, and she's personally helped me grow my freelance business with these same trainings.

I think that has a lot to say. Although I worked for her on and off, she's always shared her skills and strategies to help me succeed independently.

- Chaitra Saxena, Freelance Content Editor

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One-one-One Mentorship Student

"My dream is to own my photography business when I grow up. Georgiana started mentoring me from last year. We started on Instagram and Facebook, as I'm too young to sell services (14). I've been consistently sharing my photography and people seem to love it. It's really encouraging. I've decided I'm going to study photography at college and use my freelance business to pay for the tuition!

Without Georgiana guiding me this wouldn't be possible, so I'm recommending it from the heart!

- Diana Closca, Upcoming Freelance Photographer & Founder of Missy Diana Photography

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From those who know our founder, Georgiana Dacosta, and worked closely to her.

"I had the great pleasure to work with Georgiana. She is professional and I trusted her when I decided to ask for help with my businesses. She was really supportive, helpful and she possesses amazing online business building skills. Her positive energy is contagious!

- Ioana Brezoianu, Cabin Crew and Former Franchise Entrepreneur

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"6 months ago I made a decision that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. I turned to Georgiana, as I've personally witnessed her inspirational business journey over the last 6 years. After a quick lunch, she set me up with a freelance client and I wrote my first 2 blogs - and got paid for it. This was everything I needed to build my confidence. Today I am a self-employed private tutor and I'm working on my dream business, but that's a secret for now :) Go for 60K Freelancing with confidence, because from Georgiana and her team you'll always get the very best!

- Jemma Folkes, Blogger & Private Tutor

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